Colette Cassidy & Nigel Clark

Colette Cassidy and Nigel Clark are a Dublin based songwriting team combining a sublime Jazz voice and virtuoso guitar playing. Debut album Confetti Falling In The Rain is out now.

Debut Album due out Spring 2017


Colette Cassidy & Nigel Clark first met at the Karlstadt Jazz Festival in Croatia in 2005, which proved to be an important encounter. 

Some Years Later Nigel Moved To Dublin And The Two Musicians Began Performing Together. They were both aware of the musical chemistry between them. Colette’s rich and luxurious tone complimented Nigel’s sophisticated guitar playing.They started working and building a repertoire. They explored pop tunes and re-arranged them. Colette and Nigel discussed the possibility of song writing together, and shortly after that Colette wrote her first set of lyrics. Nigel was impressed with the musicality of her lyrics that “read like a poem”. Nigel played chords which developed very quickly and from there on they would improvise back and forth to produce the melodies to match Colette’s lyrics.  


They set about composing their first song called “When you’re in Love”. Colette describes it like the “Elves and the Shoemaker”; she mainly wrote at night to compose lyrics and return with the completed work the next day. In this album Colette tells stories about love and romance but also includes her love and devotion for her son, James, in the song “A Mother’s Love”. Confetti Falling in the Rain is a sophisticated, thought provoking album which goes far and beyond “just another jazz project”.  Storytelling lyrics with a melodic jazz influence perhaps conveys the right kind of image for this new project.